Restaurant Opening Consultancy

We Know! Launching a restaurant can be hectic, chaotic, and can sometimes even go really bad. From getting your restaurant interiors done on time to finalizing the menu and hiring new staff, we here at Finisya Hospitality Solutions offer a broad range of services to help launch your restaurant business successfully. Recognized within the industry as one of the premier restaurant opening consultants in Dubai, we work closely with your team at all levels to ensure that your vision is brought to life through an efficient and operational framework.

Some of the key deliverables under our restaurant opening consulting service includes market analysis, concept development, menu engineering, feasibility study, contractor management, staff recruitment, and staff training. We do not undertake a “one-size-fits-all” approach; with any given project, we strive to render a bespoke yet practical solution that is in line with the client’s vision and future business objectives. For practical and actionable advice to help with your restaurant opening plans, get in touch with our team today!

Location & Market Analysis

Location & Competitor Analysis

Location analysis is a viable means to understand the performance of competitors in terms of both geographic location and business sector terms. Our team here at Finisya Hospitality Solutions will draw up a detailed assessment and action plan after thoroughly analyzing the location and competition in the area.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT, an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, is a strategic planning tool that helps to identify internal and external factors that may be favorable and unfavorable to achieve the desired business objectives. 

Real Estate Leasing

Our consultants shall search, recommend, negotiate, and coordinate with lease providers, malls, shopping centers, and project developers on your behalf and thereby save you from what is an otherwise hassle-riddled process.

Brand Development

Name, Logo & Identity Creation

A brand’s identity includes all the visual elements used to represent the brand, including its name and logo. Our team shall review and further expand the client’s ideas in such a way that it meets the current market trends and customer expectations.

Package Design

We understand the takeaway and delivery restaurant business and know how important packaging is to its promotion. At Finisya Hospitality Solutions, we provide multiple packaging design options that embody the brand concept while also taking into consideration practical and cost elements.

Uniform Design

Although it may seem trivial, having your employees dressed in uniforms that match your restaurant’s overall theme and design provides numerous benefits. We design and supply uniforms that are not only comfortable but also perfectly embodies the brand concept.

Feasibility Study

Capital Investment

A detailed capital expenditure assessment analysis can help to identify the required funding as per the investors’ business plan and also avoid early cash shortages.

P&L Projections

To ensure that the entrepreneur works with a realistic profitability expectation, we prepare a detailed profit and loss report based on the projected sales.

Break-Even Analysis

Our team will help you to identify the break-even point of daily sales and also the time required to recover the initial investment based on both fixed and variable cost factors as well as sales projections.

Performance Metrics

Performance metrics are a necessity to ensure that the business is hitting the required target. We identify key performance metrics that are easy for the investor to track and thereby assess the performance of his restaurant, or café against target ratios such as ROI, Sales per Sq. Ft, Revenue per Seat, Food cost to Sales, etc.

Financial Statements

To help the investors better evaluate the financial health and feasibility of his investments, we prepare a complete financial statement projection.

Headcount & Budgeting

Based on the concept, restaurant size, and menu, we conduct strategic human resources planning to identify the required number of employees for optimum performance.

Menu Engineering

Menu Skeleton & Tasting

We engineer the restaurant menu based on the overall concept, brand objectives, customer requirements, and financial considerations.


Recipes & Food Costing

If the restaurateur is working with a blank slate, we are more than happy to provide recipes that personify the brand concept. We also conduct tasting, assess food costs, and set menu prices as per market prices and target market.

Interior Design

2D/3D Design Layout

At Finisya Hospitality Solutions, we focus on developing well-designed and well-laid-out commercial kitchens that just work. Once we get the basic design approved on a sketch, we’ll help the client to visualize the end product better through 2D & 3D design layouts.

Space Planning

As one of the fundamental elements in the whole interior design process, space planning helps to provide a clear understanding of how to organize furniture, fixtures, and fittings within the given space. By placing various furniture and equipment in their best positions, we can transform even the most dysfunctional area into a functional space.

Sustainable Designs

Our talented team of interior designers can enhance the interiors of your restaurant by using environmentally conscious materials and methods. Not only do sustainable designs help to conserve energy, reduce waste, and thereby pollution, but it will also help to create a more positive environment that is better for overall health.

Contractor Management

Contractor Negotiations

Our team shall source and take bids from multiple contractors, so that you may get the work done for the best possible prices. We shall also set the terms and conditions on your behalf to ensure that the work is completed in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Contractor Supervision

Once a contractor has been identified and assigned the job, a dedicated project manager from our side shall regularly follow up on the job and ensure that it is completed as per the plan and set schedules.

Equipment Supply & Kitchen Layout

With an expansive network of suppliers, both locally and internationally, we can help you to acquire kitchen equipment and other paraphernalia for the most cost-effective prices. We shall also design the kitchen layout as per the brands’ identity and operational requirements.

Staff Recruitment & Training

Sourcing, Interviewing & Staffing

Finisya Hospitality Solutions is widely regarded as one of the leading F&B recruitment firms in Dubai and UAE. Thanks to an extensive database and a network of qualified F&B personnel, you are sure to find candidates that fit in perfectly at your restaurant setting.

Employment & Immigration

Not only do we help you in hiring the right staff for your restaurant, but we also assist you in drafting the employee contracts and help the candidates acquire the correct work permits.

Staff Orientation

We provide onboarding training to recruits so that they are well trained on operational standards, understand the concept, and have the necessary basic skills for optimum performance.

PR & Launch Marketing

Social Media Marketing

If you want your brand to make an immediate market impact, then social media platforms are the perfect channel to make your vision a reality. Backed by a creative group of professionals, we here at Finisya hospitality solutions can ensure that your restaurant opening goes without any hitches.

Crisis Management Plan

A crisis can occur at any time, especially if you are planning to open a restaurant. We specialize in creating crisis management plans that will allow your team to respond to any situation efficiently.

Media Events

Media events provide restaurant owners with an opportunity to extend their reach within the target market and to build relationships with their customers. From developing key concepts to organizing media previews, we’ll organize various media events that will help you to get off on the right foot.