Restaurant Interior Design Company in Dubai

As the leading restaurant consultancy based in Dubai, we here at Finisya Hospitality Solutions specialize in crafting creative interior designs for restaurants, cafes, and eateries. Our team of interior designers has extensive experience in the hospitality industry and, as such, can provide our clients with value for money and, more importantly, sustainable outcomes. With any project that we undertake, we strive to come up with innovative and specialized designs that best suit the operation. Our restaurant interior design team has assisted with numerous exciting projects within Dubai and UAE.

The value of an aesthetically brilliant restaurant interior cannot be exaggerated. A well-designed café or restaurant interior can be the one difference that ends up setting you apart from the competitors. With any restaurant interior design project that we undertake, we offer a clear set of deliverables for the project, so that client can track project progression and guarantee 100% transparency throughout the design and installation process. In short, we understand how to connect and curate your restaurant brand with any given architectural space. For more details on our restaurant interior design service in Dubai, send us an inquiry today!

Our Service Inclusions

At Finisya Hospitality Solutions, we place a strict emphasis on delivering environmentally efficient designs. Whether the need is to re-design an existing space or to introduce a new concept, our creative interior designers can help you in creating the perfect look and feel by merging innovative designs, colors, and textures with functionality and practicality. 

Kitchen Interior Design

The nerve cell of any restaurant is its kitchen. Big or small, your kitchen should be designed in such a manner that it supports all the equipment, services, and the menu that you are offering. We work with our clients to create both functional and commercially viable commercial kitchen interiors, all in accordance with UAE food safety regulations.

Bar Interior Design

Bar fit-outs and interior design demand a high level of knowledge, skill, and creativity. Especially in Dubai, where the sector is highly competitive, it is essential to ensure that you stand out and provide your customers with a strong and positive first impression. We specialize in bar interior designs that are functional and trendy.

Sustainable Designs

As consumers are becoming more environmentally and socially aware, restaurateurs need to reinvent themselves to cater to their demands. Sustainable designs are not only about aesthetics and ambiance, but it also revolves around the right choice of materials and techniques that would not cause harm to one’s health or surroundings. At Finisya Hospitality Solutions, we are the forefront of sustainable kitchen design and can deliver environmentally efficient designs in line with branding and operational requirements.

Project Management

From the initial design conception through to construction and completion, our professional team of project managers shall work with you to ensure that what was designed and specified is what you will be getting. We work closely with main contractors and equipment suppliers to guarantee a smooth installation process.